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Jasmine Allen

Solicitor & Founder of

"The LPA Solicitor"

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I am a qualified solicitor and spent over 11 years working at a leading, top-tier law firm in the Thames Valley specialising in powers of attorney, deputyship, wills, trusts and probate. Drawing upon my years of experience, I decided to start my own business based on specialist legal services, allowing me to work with clients, as well as support my own family, in the most flexible way possible.


I hold strong personal values of family, friendship, integrity and compassion that permeate through to all areas of my life, including business. I believe wholeheartedly in providing the highest standard of service and ensuring my clients are satisfied and happy with my work.


Anyone who has ever had a conversation with me about powers of attorney or wills knows how strongly I believe in the importance of these documents.  I know from personal experience that life doesn’t always go to plan and, having seen all too often the devastating effects for families when these documents are not in place in time or have not been executed correctly, I decided to focus on these areas in my business. 

My years of experience of administering estates and trusts and acting for professional deputies give me a far deeper understanding of how powers of attorney, wills and Deputyship work in practice. This gives me greater confidence in the advice I give to and the documents I prepare for my clients than I could ever have if my knowledge was limited to just theory.


There are so many misconceptions and myths surrounding these areas of law that I relish the opportunity to have open conversations with people so that I can get the correct messages across and help families ensure that their affairs are in order.  Furthermore, I understand how important it is to feel comfortable with a solicitor when dealing with such personal issues.  These are the reasons I am more than happy to provide free initial no obligation consultations and even to provide free talks and seminars to groups.


With powers of attorneys and wills being possibly the most important documents one could ever have, I appreciate that many clients need that extra time to ask questions and feel comfortable when dealing with these matters.  I pride myself on being an honest, friendly and professional solicitor, who puts people at ease and offers a safe place for clients to air concerns and ask all the questions they need.  I love that having my own business allows me to be more generous with my time for my clients, without having to watch the clock and charge by the minute!


My clients will always feel taken care of as I deal with all aspects from the very first phone call until the matter has been completed.  Any documents that I prepare are also accompanied by explanatory letters in plain English. 

It is so important with such personal matters to feel comfortable with your solicitor and therefore please feel free to contact me to arrange a free initial no obligation chat to discuss your personal circumstances. 


If you would like to see what clients have said about me, please read my testimonials here.

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